Nicole Camcam, Equestrian Champion

Nicole Camcam

Equestrian Champion

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Nicole Camcam is a young rider who is dedicated to her sport and frequently competes internationally. She started riding four years ago and has been recognized in many competitions since then. She won Young Dressage Rider of the year in 2017 at the Manila Polo Club, and Young Dressage Rider of the year in 2018 at Aralea. She also won Young Show Jumper of the year as part of the Red Diamond Horse Show in the USA. Her love for horses began from watching her sister ride at a younger age; it has since grown into a passion. Being under the sun all day.

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What made you want to ride?
Watching my sister Alessandra ride when I was younger.

Why do you like using Armada as a sunscreen?
I like using Armada sunscreen because it really prevents you from getting burnt from the sun but also is very light on the skin. I have very sensitive skin and when I use Armada I don’t get rashes or get red, which is really good!

What was your most memorable moment in competition?
My most memorable moment in every competition is when you feel great after you get over every jump in the course…the feeling when you’re flying over every jump.

You feel happiest when…
I feel the happiest when I see my horses! And when I’m at the beach.

Do you have any tips for fans out there for fitness, sun protection, and/or training?
A good tip for sun protection is to always reapply apply after swimming, sweating a lot, or just in general when it comes off. But the protection of Armada is amazing…I never get sunburned!

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