Lorena Perez, Dancer

Lorena Perez

Dancer, Educator, Choreographer
Costa Rica

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Lorena Perez formally started dancing at 5 years old and has been in love with dance since then. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Fine Arts in Dance at NYU Tisch School of the Arts to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional dancer. Lore’s philosophy: “Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.”

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How long have you been dancing? 

While I completed my undergraduate degree in business, my true passion lies in dance, an art in which I have been engaged for as long as I can remember. I think I have been dancing since I was inside my mother’s womb. Actually, I cannot recall a moment in my life in which I wasn’t instantly moved by music or any type of rhythm. It’s interesting though, since my mother didn’t enjoy her ballet lessons as a child, she promised herself she would never force any of her children into dance lessons. Little did she know she would have a daughter that, by choice, would devote her life completely to this art form. All my childhood videos demonstrate the love I’ve had for dance since my early steps, but I began my first formal dance lessons at the age of 5. I’ve been in love with it since then and I know I always will. This is the reason why I chose to do it professionally and why I am currently pursuing my Masters in Fine Arts in Dance at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Why do you dance?

I dance because every cell in my body asks me to do so. It’s as if I need to dance in order to feel complete and alive. Dance feels completely innate and in a way, addictive. I usually can’t hold myself back and start dancing in any public space, supermarket hallway or even while I’m eating. When I’m dancing it just feels right, as if I was brought into this world to do this.

How do you train?

As dancers, we push ourselves physically and mentally, and we have to be willing to make sacrifices in order to succeed. I dance around 6 hours a day including technique classes and rehearsals. Usually, rehearsals can go late into the evening or even happen on weekends. It requires discipline, constancy and determination, but I believe an outstanding dancer loves this art form more than anything in this world.

“What is your favorite VMV product?” 

I’ve always had sensitive skin and VMV has been the perfect solution. Once I moved to New York I have had to deal with a much drier climate than in my native country, Costa Rica. Thankfully, VMV products, such as the hand and body smoother, have been there for me and have made it possible for my skin to be nurtured and healthy. The VMV product that I wouldn’t change for anything else in the world would be the antiperspirant. I am allergic to most deodorants and VMV antiperspirant is the one product that doesn’t make my skin break out into a rash. Not only is this a good way of preventing odor and controlling the sweat from my daily physical activity, but it keeps my skin safe and fresh.

Dancer Tip: Spray some VMV antiperspirant into your dance shoes to keep them fresh and dry and to prevent any possible odor!

What was your most memorable moment in dance?

My most memorable moment in dance was the day I performed for the first time at the Beacon Theater in New York. I looked into the audience, while standing in my starting pose, I felt the heat of the lights and thought to myself: this is where I belong.

You feel happiest when…

I feel the happiest when I am onstage or when I lose myself in movement while improvising. People usually ask me what it is that I think of when I’m performing. I usually don’t think too much, I feel. However, while performing, I always get this immense sensation of gratefulness for being able to dedicate my life to this passion. Truthfully though, my love of dance is not just when I am performing on stage, but also when I work tirelessly to refine my own skills and teach others to do the same. For me, teaching dance allows one to impart knowledge, inspire others and ultimately change lives.

Do you have any tips for fans out there for fitness, sun protection and/or training?

My advice for dancers and everyone in general is to be fearless.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.” Taking chances and stopping being afraid of things will only open more doors and opportunities for us. Regarding sun protection, I would say the younger we start, the smarter we are. And dancers: let your skin be always healthy and audition-ready!

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