Costa Rica, Landscape Photography, the Soul…and Sunscreen!

Laura Muller Steinvorth from DermatALLogy is a skincare distributor based in Costa Rica — distributor for VMV Hypoallergenics, in fact! As someone who thrives outdoors, Laura is adamant about sharing the important of proper skin protection to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Her passion for landscape photography and painting runs deep, and we love how she uses light to emphasize the earth’s wonders. Her art is inspired by nature and feeds the soul. Here — while well protected from the sun! — she shares the breathtaking landscapes of Costa Rica.

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How did you get started with landscape photography?

I started learning photography about 8 years ago when my husband and I were traveling all over. Back then I felt a powerful need to explore the world and share its wonders as well as my experiences with my loved ones. In all aspects of my life, a strong sense of curiosity has pushed me to explore new territories, and sharing experiences with people is one of my greatest sources of happiness. Then, photography evolved into something new. A way for me to awaken something lost in many people: our bond with nature. I wrote the following words in the website I created for my oil paintings and photographs:

“There is so much beauty left around us and so little time to see it all. I am fortunate enough to have seen a great part of it and want to share my experience with the entire world. By using light as my medium, I hope to fascinate your eyes and share with you the most beautiful emotions which moved me and which will probably echo in your own soul. “

That is beautiful. And we are moved! What inspires your art?

This is something quite hard to put into words. I would say that a part of me belongs to the nature I am trying to capture. We are one and the and the same. The amazement I feel for nature’s wonders is what inspires my art.

When I am in the great outdoors, I feel in complete communion with my surroundings. It is a sort of meditation; a way to come back to my origins, our origins. Photography taking is a way for me to capture pieces of Earth’s wonders, share them with the world, and keep them as treasures, memories of passed moments when I felt whole.

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That intimacy, that oneness, comes through and may explain why we feel so connected, so quickly, with your art. Could you share your all-time top 3 tips for someone just starting out in photography?

1. Don’t go crazy buying expensive equipment straight away! First of all, any good photographer will be able to take amazing pictures with ANY camera, even point-and-shoots. Second of all, if you are just starting you probably lack the knowledge to judge exactly what lens is the perfect fit to your photography style. Take your time to learn the basics, develop your own styles and then upgrade your equipment little by little!

2. If you love taking pictures of nature like me, then my 2nd lens would definitely be an ultra-wide-angle f2.8. These lenses will blow your mind!

3. Enjoy the learning process! The best part about being a photographer is to continually learn new things, explore new styles, new photography objects.

We are all about the learning process, and share that love with you for sure. And there’s no better tip than not splurging! Is there any place left on your bucket list that you’d like to photograph?

New Zealand without a doubt!

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New Zealand is on our bucket list, too, as a place we’d love to set up VMV! Speaking of setting up: you recently moved to Costa Rica from Europe. What’s your favorite discovery so far?

Costa Rica accounts for only 0.03% of the earth’s surface but contains close to 6% of the world’s biodiversity! This is partly due to the huge number of micro-climates in the country. Discovering them all one by one is fascinating! You can literally drive an hour away from the capital and be on top of a volcano, or in a cloud forest, or on a beautiful beach. Costa Rica is the paradise of landscape photographers!

For someone who’s travels and photographed so much, that’s saying something! What are your favorite places to recommend to someone visiting Costa Rica for the first time?

You are making it hard for me! There are literally a thousand places I love in Costa Rica! But if I had to get it down to the most breathtaking ones:

  1. Corcovado National Park
  2. Coco Island
  3. Monteverde National Park
  4. Río Celeste National Park
  5. San José de la Montaña
  7. Rincón de la Vieja National Park
  8. Barva Volcano
  9. Poas Volcano

Oof, I could carry on and on…

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We’ll badger you for the full list later! 🙂 Do you have any tips when exploring the great outdoors?

  1. Bring a 2nd camera battery!
  2. Try to stop now and then to take in the moment and the beauty around you. Re-center yourself and feel that you are alive, enjoying the present, no matter what may come tomorrow!
  3. Know where you are going! Three years ago, my husband and I started a supposedly 2-hour “walking trail” and ended up 8 hours climbing rocks to reach the top of the Mount Mansfield Mountain where there was Arctic Tundra, no gondola to take us back down, and all we had was a cereal bar and a bottle of Aloe Vera! Crazy story.


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So you’re not just an artist but a legit adventurer as well! You and your husband travel a lot, what are your favorite VMV products that you pack as a couple, and why do you like using them?

Armada Face & Body Shield 60! We love it! Not only is the texture is very agreeable, but it does not leave the skin oily and does not have any smell. I feel protected against the elements the whole day and my skin is well-hydrated!



“Where In The World Is Your Armada” and “Armada Travels” are fave fan hashtags for the same reason 🙂 What is one VMV product you cannot live without? 

I just cannot live without the Essence Skin-Saving Antiperspirant. It simply works for everything and anything, from my hands to my feet. I feel fresh the whole day, and most importantly do not experience any burns or allergic reactions! Totally recommended!


Follow Laura for beautiful art and breathtaking landscape photography!

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