Skin Is In For Him, Too

“We’re determined to give our kids healthy habits. We explain why each step is important, then repeat, repeat, repeat. We ask them if they’ve brushed their teeth, showered, put on sunscreen. We make a VERY BIG DEAL every time they take care of themselves. We say, you eat fruits and veggies for your body, you do something active for your heart, you read for your brain…you wash up and wear sunscreen to keep your skin healthy. Skincare is just part of staying healthy for us.”

Juan Pablo, VMV COO, and son

Instagram LVB JPBGFBReading Jul2015 20150903
Reading’s big for our family. “Brain food,” we say.

Instagram Multiple JPBFam Fitness 20150903
Clockwise from top left: our weekly family fitness sessions are great for talks with the kids, too; coming home from bootcamp with my wife, Laura; zumba with the family (more haha-funny than anything else); meditation with both kids (lasted a good minute, but we gave it a go); yoga with my 5yo.

Instagram LVB HisHerRegimen Jul2015 20150903

My daily skincare regimen (which includes a whole bunch of 1635 shaving productsRe-Everything Anti-Aging Cream, and Essence Skin-Saving Antiperspirant (which my wife and I share), behind some of my wife’s skincare and makeup. I like that our kids see our stuff mixed up like this. So it’s not separated into what mama or papa uses…it’s just the things we use to take care of our skins.Not seen in this photo but things I use daily: Red Better Daily Therapy Moisturizer and Red Better Flare-Up Balm for my rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis, and sunscreen.

Instagram JPB GolfArmada CCIPTournamen2015 20150903

I may be taking a break on the golf course but my Armada Sport Sunscreen isn’t. I use this stuff daily and reapply like a madman when outdoors.

Instagram LVB Argentina Farm GFBapplyingArmadaOnAle Apr2015 20150903

My kids are big pains in the butt about sunscreen now (mission accomplished). If you let your guard down, they’ll put some on you. This is my son on the farm (our last trip to Argentina) slathering a bunch on my napping brother.

Instagram LVB Argentina GFBJPB Mate May2015 20150903

I’m teaching my kid how to be nice, be responsible…how to play futbol, ride a horse, drink maté…teaching him to take care of himself is just another part of my job as a dad.

Instagram LVB Argentina JPBDoppKit May2015 20150903

Yes, I travel with my skincare. I have rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis and I get red and scaly after a day without my stuff. I keep Essence Hand + Body Smoother right next to my passport (really dry plane air kills me).

Instagram LVB GFBHoldingEssenceMoisturizer Jul2015 20150903

My 5yo’s got dry cuticles and photosensitivity. My 8yo is allergic to red dye and fragrance. I get a kick out of the fact that they know what to reach for when they’ve got a boo-boo. This is my son holding up Essence Hand + Body Smoother which he uses on his hands. You should see him and his sister yell out, “Boo-Boo Balm!” the second they (or pals at school) get an owie. It’s a small thing, but I like that they can solve some problems on their own. I think it makes them feel more confident, and like they can already fix some things that need fixing. Like little superheroes.


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