12 Coconut Oil Uses For Mom & Baby

Oil’s Well Nurturing Do-It-Oil combines virgin coconut oil with monolaurin (present in breast milk!), making it the perfect multi-purpose — soothing, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory — tool for mom and baby!

Here are 12 awesome uses…

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1: Eczema

For its intensive hydration, barrier protection and antimicrobial properties…Virgin coconut oil is a staple to help soothe and manage eczema. For a great skincare and bath regimen — by dermatologists whose babies have eczema! — check out My Baby Has Eczema.

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2: Hair

You’ll want to keep this handy…Use virgin coconut oil on hair as a non-ouchy curl-tamer, detangler, smoothener and…bubblegum remover!For another great hair tip for mom, check out Laura’s Do-It-Yourself Hair Repair Treatment in Skinsider Tips: Great Skin & Beauty Hacks!.

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3: For Constipation

Relief.VCO can help relieve constipation for baby and mommy naturally. It also has healthy fatty acids that make it a great nutritional supplement for babies that need MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) or have other special dietary requirements. 

IMPORTANT: Do not give virgin coconut oil or any other food to your baby without your pediatrician’s ok. Each baby is different and your pediatrician may prefer another remedy for your child, or may be prescribing another food or medicine that is best to take without additional coconut oil.

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4: Bath Oil

Try a few drops in the water to “dew” bath time right!Bathing can dry out the skin. In addition to adding a protective coat to the skin’s barrier, virgin coconut oil is a natural cleanser, so you need less of any cleansing product.To prevent additional dryness, bathe baby less frequently and apply a barrier-protective lotion like Grandma Minnie’s Mommycoddling All-Over Lotion and The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm immediately after, as recommended by these dermatologists in My Baby Has Eczema.

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5: Ouchless Wound Cleaning

When fresh, many owies can be too painful for soap and water.Virgin coconut oil has antimicrobial properties to clean the wound, and help reduce inflammation and pain. When less tender, wash the wound as normal. For a step-by-step guide to ouchless wound care, check out Try This Technique For Pain-Free First Aid!

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6: Diaper Rash & Yeast

Daily use……can prevent diaper rash. It can also help manage candidiasis and thrush. 

IMPORTANT: Only use with your pediatrician’s approval. Even doctors can misdiagnose a skin condition, so don’t try it yourself. Get an expert opinion.

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7: Massage

A safer, healthier alternative.Virgin coconut oil is a deeply soothing, beneficial alternative to aromatic essential oils, many of which, no matter how natural or organic can be allergenic — naso-bronchially (nose and lungs), and topically (on skin).

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8: Meconium & “Caca-strophes”

Some big messes can be difficult to clean…Adding coconut oil to a cotton ball can make for easier wiping that also soothes an irritated bottom.

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9: As A Daily Lotion

Because it absorbs quickly into the skin…Virgin coconut oil is a great basic daily moisturizer. Moms swear by it for stretch marks, too!

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10: Cradle Cap…

…or infant seborrheic dermatitis.This condition of flaky white or yellow scales is not harmful, does not cause discomfort to baby, and normally goes away on its own. While the true cause of cradle cap is unknown, a suspect is a fungus called malassezia — which is why Oil’s Well (which also contains monolaurin, an antifungal as well as an antibacterial and antiviral) can be especially effective at clearing it more quickly.

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11: Cracked Nipples

Nursing can be difficult……and not just because of the sleep deprivation. Breastfeeding can result in painful, cracked nipples, which can make continued nursing a challenge. Oil’s Well is a favorite of breastfeeding moms for relief and healing because virgin coconut oil is safe to eat, monolaurin is found naturally in breastmilk, and both have anti-inflammatory, healing, antimicrobial properties. 

REMINDER:: Only use with your pediatrician’s approval.

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12: Keratosis Pilaris

Bumps on baby or mommy’s skin.These bumps that appear en masse (almost like a rash) can be confused with acne, but are actually keratin build-up around individual hair follicles. Associated with dry, xerotic, or atopic skin, the last thing you should use is anti-acne products intended to reduce oil in the skin. VCO can help smoothen the skin, clear the bumps, and strengthen the skin’s barrier layer. For more on keratosis pilaris, check out Your Skin Bumps Could Be Keratosis Pilaris: What Is It, What To Do? in Skintelligencenter.com .


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