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VMVillage Dec2023

Dear Skinthusiasts! It’s been a while since I’ve written and that’s partly because of some good news: we’ve been able to ramp up production of many of our most essential products and this has kept us incredibly (happily!) busy. The fundamental daily necessities that most of our clients need-need — especially those with contact dermatitis, […]

RABBIT: Allergen or Not An Allergen?

AllergenNotAllergen 2023 RABBITS 20230330

Not An Allergen Rabbits, Bunnies Bunnies can get skin diseases and some people can be allergic to rabbits’ saliva, which is transferred onto fur during grooming, or to their dander (dead skin cells naturally shed by Fluffy). This is an IgE-mediated allergy, however, and isn’t the same as a contact allergy (which is T-cell mediated). Because the […]

BAGOONG (Fermented Shrimp Paste): Allergen or Not An Allergen?

AllergenNotAllergen 2023 BAGOONG 20230330

Not An Allergen Bagoong This fermented shrimp paste (pronounced bah-goh-ong) is a local delicacy in the Philippines. While it’s mostly made with shrimp it can also be made with fish or krill. And while food allergies to shellfish are not uncommon, they’re actually less common as contact allergies. Food allergies (type B cells are involved) […]

MUSHROOM: Allergen or Not An Allergen?

AllergenNotAllergen 2023 MUSHROOM 20230330

Not An Allergen Mushroom Shiitake flagellate dermatitis is a thing but the distinctive rash of streaks that look like whip lashes (hence the name) only happens when those who are sensitive to shiitake mushrooms eat it raw or lightly cooked (reactions are not known to occur when they are ingested well cooked, above 145°C (293°F). […]

CAR: Allergen or Not An Allergen?

AllergenNotAllergen 2023 CAR 20230330

Allergen Car Yet another thing that won’t fit on your patch test but yet another thing that’s riddled with top contact allergens! Knowing what they are — and, crucially, using your patch test results as a guide — can spare your skin a lot of problems. Some top contact allergens that are in common cars: […]

LAB SAFETY GEAR: Allergen or Not An Allergen?

AllergenNotAllergen 2023 LABSafetyGear 20230330

Allergen Lab Safety Gear You won’t see goggles, masks, face shields, or gloves on a patch test but they do tend to have enough top contact allergens to warrant caution. Important: you could be exposed to strong chemicals or other risks in a lab setting so do not forego the safety equipment. Some top contact […]

CLOVE: Allergen or Not An Allergen?

AllergenNotAllergen 2023 CLOVE 20230330

Allergen Clove Clove oil is eugenol, which is extracted from cloves, and which is one of the allergens in the Fragrance Mix included standard patch test trays, definitely making it a top contact allergen. Where can you find clove oil Because it smells good and has antiseptic properties, clove oil is found in lots of […]

SNEAKERS: Allergen or Not An Allergen?

AllergenNotAllergen 2023 SNEAKERS 20230330

Allergen Sneakers So many types of shoes (sandals, pumps, boots, water socks, etc.) have so many top contact allergens that most would be considered prime suspects behind skin problems on the feet. Sneakers are definitely up there (and can be more of an issue since they’re often worn during exercise!). Some top contact allergens in […]

OAT MILK: Allergen or Not An Allergen?

AllergenNotAllergen 2023 OATMILK 20230330

Not An Allergen … but can cause allergic reactions Oat Milk Oats and oatmeal aren’t top contact allergens (oatmeal is a traditionally popular ingredient to help manage atopic and contact dermatitis and other skin problems). There have been some reports of contact dermatitis and contact urticaria to oats and oatmeal, but if you, in particular, aren’t […]

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