Top Skin & Beauty Hacks By Our Team Of “Skinsiders!”

Learn some surprising skin and beauty hacks from those who live with — and for — this stuff: VMV experts and staff!

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SkinsiderTips Oct2015 JackiesTip 20151028

Jackie’s Tip: “Make your mascara multi-task!”

LIQUID LINER: “Our Skin-Specialist Janet once used Ooh-La-Lash! Volumizing Mascara on me as a liquid eyeliner and it was lovely and lasted all day!”

BROWS: “I also use Ooh-La-Lash! to tame, shape and color my eyebrows. I apply it very lightly and get just enough color and the shape holds all day.”

SkinsiderTips Oct2015 CCsTip 20151028

CC’s Tip: “Treat a pimple like an injury.”

HOT COMPRESS: “Mom (VMV’s) founding dermatologist-dermatopathologist) taught me this: if you have an angry pimple, run some very hot water on a cotton ball, then put some coconut oil on the cotton ball. Press this on the pimple for a few minutes.” Try with Know-It-Oil virgin coconut oil.

COLD COMPRESS: “With a VERY big, angry pimple, wrap a soft, wet towel around an ice pack and spread some coconut oil on it (if you keep Know-It-Oil in the refrigerator, even better). Apply as a cold compress for several minutes to bring down the inflammation and redness. This can be repeated several times. In between cold compresses, apply Red Better Spot Corrector then Id Monolaurin.”

SkinsiderTips Oct2015 NinasTip 20151028

Nina’s Tip: “Use sunscreen as a makeup primer.”

DUAL BENEFITS: “I use Armada Post-Procedure Barrier Cream 50+ under concealer and foundation. It makes all my makeup last longer and enhances blush, shadow and highlights. A huge plus, it’s a sunscreen, so my face is safe from UV rays (I love doing and instagramming makeup in the sun; natural lighting is the best). I’m also protected from melasma-causing indoor lights which is important because I’m in front of the computer for so many hours each day. Gorgeous makeup while sacrificing my skin? Nope!”

SkinsiderTips Oct2015 KarensTip 20151028

Karen’s Tip: “Say it with me: Face & Hands, Face & Hands…”

SUNSCREEN BOTH: “Next to your face, your hands are most exposed to the sun. When squeezing out sunscreen, make it a habit to dot the backs of your hands. After massaging it onto your face, a quick rub over your hands spreads leftover sunscreen from your facial application and the dots of cream you were smart enough to put on there before closing your tube. Sunscreen is important for hands/feet when getting gel mani/pedi, too, by the way — light damage is cumulative so every bit of exposure adds up!”

DON’T STOP THERE: “Do that dotting on the backs of the hands trick for your anti-aging and hyperpigmentation creams, too!”

SkinsiderTips Oct2015 HairTips 20151028

Hair Tips:

M.D. TIP FOR HAIR WITH TOO MANY PRODUCTS: “If you regularly use lots of gels, mousses or sprays, the hair can become difficult to clean well, and product residue can build up and cause skin problems. Try applying shampoo first to dry or slightly dampened hair. Shampoo tends to be attracted to where there is more water. While on dry hair, the shampoo binds to dirt and residue better, ultimately cleaning the hair more thoroughly.”

MARIE’S TIP WHEN SWIMMING: “I massage conditioner through my hair before I put on my swimming cap. I find this makes getting the cap on easier and protects my hair better from the pool.”

LAURA’S DO-IT-YOURSELF HAIR REPAIR TREATMENT: “I’m lazy about going to the salon so about once a month or so, I’ll to a deep hydration treatment at home. I’ll shampoo and condition my hair. While it’s wet, I’ll comb Know-It-Oil virgin coconut oil through it and cling wrap it. I’ll work on my phone, watch TV or get on the stationary bike for about 30-60 minutes, then rinse. It takes several rinses to get past the wet-beachy look but it’s soooo good for my hair and scalp I’m happy to surfer-girl it for a few days. After that, it’s crazy soft hair for several weeks.”

SkinsiderTips Oct2015 JuampisTip 20151028

Juampi’s Tip: “Alternate moisturizers as you need to.”

YOUR SKIN’S NEEDS DO CHANGE: “I have a system of moisturizers for my skin during normal days and for emergencies. I use Red Better Daily Therapy Moisturizer every day to control my rosacea. If I get a big episode of major, flaking dryness from my seborrheic dermatitis acting up, I add 1635 Aftershave Salve which gets rid of the flakes immediately. If I have a combined flare-up — flaking, redness and broken skin — which can happen if I’m fighting a cold or a flu (which I keep forgetting are inflammations) or not getting enough sleep or am traveling a lot (airplane air kills me), I’ll add Red Better Flare-Up Balm on top of the other two moisturizers. When I’m back to normal (which usually takes just a few days) it’s back to just Red Better Moisturizer for maintenance.”

SkinsiderTips Oct2015 LaurasTip 20151028

Laura’s Tip: “Leverage your lipstick.”

TRIPLE PLAY: “I always have three lipsticks on me. A lipstick takes up exactly zero space in a bag but delivers such a dramatic transformation, instantly…I can’t think of a reason to only carry one. I keep a vivid red (Velvet Matte in “Va-Va-Voom” on the right) because, even with no other makeup, it brightens up and energizes the face. A barely-there stain (Sheer Lip Tint in “Berries & Treacle,” the middle shade) is the perfect pinch of color for travel, errands, and surprise school meetings (read: “that was today?”). PLUS — discovered on a beach trip with dressier nights than I realized — it’s an excellent emergency blush! If I’ve got a week packed with evening events, I’ll switch this out for a light peach-pink like Glitz Lipstick in “Sweater Girl” just so I have more of a variety (it’s great with a smoky eye). Finally, I carry what I consider my “signature red.” I think everyone should have one…a shade that instantly makes you feel both pampered and powerful. For me that’s Velvet Matte in “Danger” (on the left.) Fifteen minutes to get out the door, nerve-wracking meetings or impromptu cocktails….with these three I’m prepped for anything the day can pitch at me.”

SkinsiderTips Oct2015 EveryonesTip 20151028

Everyone’s Tip: “It’s the balm!”

BOO-BOO BALM FOR…EVERYTHING: Ask our staff for tips, this one product pops up again and again. And again. Juampi uses it as a dry cuticle cure. Nina uses it as an eyeshadow primer, and Laura to soothe insides of nostrils made raw from sinusitis or airplane dryness. Both use it as a frizz tamer for hair. Karen’s circle swears by it for chafing from sports like running and cycling. CC says it’s a godsend for shoes that are rubbing against her heels too much — it won’t last the entire day, but it gives little slip between foot and shoe. Our makeup artists mix it with “Luminous” (Skin Bloom Blush) as a long-lasting highlighter, or on top of lipstick to add shine. Folks use it for really dry lips, herpetic blisters on lips, for those painful, caking “hinges” at the corners of your mouth…lips were a big theme. Doctors even prescribe it to patients for use on more private areas. Sunburn salve, baby boo-boo healer, ultimate baby shower gift or favor, and anti-infection healer for scrapes hither and thither! The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm, apparently, is the tip…of an iceberg of tips!

SkinsiderTips Oct2015 MariesTip 20151028

Marie’s Tip: “It’s all about that bass…”

APPLY FOUNDATION OR CONCEALER BEFORE LIPSTICK: “A base before your lipstick can give you a truer color that lasts longer. I use Skin Savvy 60 Foundation if I want a simple, reliable primer. If I want a bit of shine or my lips are feeling dry, I use a mixture of Skin-The-Bluff Concealer and Boo-Boo Balm. I love Skin-The-Bluff simply because you can do so much more with it: you can outline your lips to prevent bleeding or feathering, dot it on your cupid’s bow to create a more pouty shape…it gives you almost limitless shaping possibilities!”

Shown above:

LIPSTICKSSubtle Shine Lipstick in “Girl Next Door,” “Strawberry Fields,” “Big Red,” and “Smoulder.”
BASESSkin Savvy 60 Foundation in W5 and N1; Skin-The-Bluff Concealer in W5  and N1; in N2.


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