Wedding-Perfect Skin: 10 BRIDE Ideas To Prep Your Skin For The Big Day!

Planning your skin as well as your wedding? My, what a BRIDE idea!

Fact: Many brides give themselves about a year to book venues, find the perfect dress and plan the reception.

Fact: This year of planning will have its (warning: understatement alert) moments of stress.

Fact: Stress is a reliable trigger of myriad skin problems, from rosacea and eczema flare-ups, to severe dryness and, you saw this coming, zits, zits and more zits.

Fact:  There may not be another day in your life when you feel this beautiful, and those photos are legacy.

Why more brides don’t invest in their skin right at the beginning of their wedding planning is beyond us. The earlier you start, the more you prevent problems (preventing is always easier than treating) and the more assured you are of looking radiant and timeless on the big day.

Living proof of what a well-designed Skinvestment Plan can do: Marie generously gives us a peek into her own wedding, and shares the tips that worked for her, from skin to body and mind. Efficiency can be beautiful, no?

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Tip No. 1 — Month 6-12:


A year to six months before your wedding, visit a VMV Skin-Specialist Boutique or counter (or Ask VMV online) to discuss your skin goals. Or, check out some of our most popular targeted regimens here. If you have a medically-managed condition like psoriasis or eczema, see your dermatologist for further guidance.

A VMV Skinvestment Plan of a daily preventive + treatment regimen which will be your skin’s new best friend—nothing will get it as healthy and radiant for your big day. Regularly-scheduled Vx Facials and Skin Services can target stress-related blemishes and enhance your therapy’s efficacy (like booster shots).

SKINSIDER TIP: “Scrubs are key if, like mine, your dress has a low back or decollete, and is sleeveless,“ Marie shares. “I switched my regular cream cleanser for the Moisture Rich Mild-Mannered Cleansing Scrub and started using the Id Clarifying Body Soap for my arms and back. I also got monthly Sweet Creams (in Xana“dew”) Facials for dry skin from about a year into the planning, then at month 6, I added monthly diamond peel microdermabrasions. And as a real treat to myself, I got a The Youth, The Whole Youth & Nothing But The Youth Vx Facial the night before my engageme
nt party (huge success!).”

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Tip No. 2 — Month 4:


Diet and exercise don’t just help you get into that dress. They impact your skin in no small way. Eating right and regular exercise can prevent dryness, rash flare-ups and acne breakouts, as well as purge toxins and give you a “skintrinsic” glow that’s all natural.

SKINSIDER TIP: “I did pilates, (We can tell! Look at those sculpted arms! – Ed.) not just for my body but also to de-stress. I reduced carbs big time for the full four months before the wedding. I’d indulge in yummy things every so often to stay happy, but was very controlled. I nixed fried food altogether for weight but definitely also for skin!”

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Tip No. 3 — Backless Dressing

Marie’s gown had a gorgeous removable lace collar — when removed, the dress revealed a beautiful back. Make sure your skincare extends to your back and shoulders.

Prevention + therapy + our Answer Back! service.

Also, click here for a bacne-fighting plan.

And click here for more on acne on the chest and other parts of the body.

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Tip No. 4 — From Day 1


“Take time off from wedding planning. Schedule a day every so often when you vow not to talk or think about the wedding. Delegate! Let other people help you. They want to. Enjoy the planning! Once you accept that not everything will go exactly according to plan, you can get into the fun of it!”

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Tip No. 5 — Month 3-2


Try out makeup artists and have yourself photographed in each look under different lighting.

If you get a reaction to the makeup they’re using, you have time to recover and switch. Our VMV Skin-Specialist Boutiques have some great professional artists, and our Skintelligence Beauty Makeup is favored by brides and professionals who use heavy makeup often because their beautiful blendability and buildability no-nonsense skin safety.

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Tip No. 6 — Make Sure He Feels Special, Too!


Don’t hoard the pampering! Invite hubby to your pre-wedding primping project. He may not say it, but he wants to look his best, too! A skin-perfecting, stress-relieving treat for both of you? Try a Let Down Your Stresses face; for the ultimate skindulgence.



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