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Some skincare is marketed on the perceived benefits of “the more, the merrier.” The more ingredients, the more effective. But research shows that some simple remedies remain unchallenged in their clinically-proven benefits. Simply drinking enough water, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, and proper nutrition, for example, have been proven to be impressively anti-inflammatory. Simplicity is similarly the goal of skincare that aims to be safe for the most sensitive skins, without sacrificing efficacy.

In products intended to provide more therapeutic benefits, such as for fine lines or dark spots, the temptation is to pile on the alpha-hydroxy acids, antioxidants, fats, plumbers, and more. But a well-known best practice in hypoallergenic formulations is: the longer the ingredients list, the higher the risk of an allergic reaction.

How then to formulate a clinically-effective rejuvenation treatment that doesn’t sacrifice safety?

Creating new formulations is built into VMV’s DNA in order to remain consistent with the latest findings in hypoallergenicity but also to ensure that our products make use of the latest and best dermatological research to better meet the needs of our customers — many of whom have told us again and again that they need rejuvenating therapy that is safe (won’t cause other problems like burns, irritations, pigmentations or acne that they’ll have to correct later) and effective (as there’s a lot of hype out there, they want something that’s proven to deliver).

To address these concerns, we wanted not the “it” ingredient of the moment, but to be extremely selective with only ingredients thoroughly proven in published, evidence-based clinical studies to provide everything that dermatological research has taught us thus far is needed for real, visible, long-term efficacy. The result: formulations whose simplicity — each ingredient was carefully chosen to deliver the most targeted, maximized results — belies impressively complex functions.

Our Re-Everything Re-vitalizing, Re-booting, Re-“dewing” & more formulations combine:

1) Maximized concentrations of kinetin, a potent antioxidant and growth hormone extensively studied and proven to cause fibroblast skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin. Because it is such a powerful ingredient even at minute doses, while most creams contain 0.1 to 0.2% kinetin. Advanced Re-Everything cream contains kinetin at 0.3% (and get even more from virgin coconut oil).

2) Two additional antioxidants, green tea and rice phytic acid, help revitilize damaged skin.

3) Unbuffered glycolic acid, a gold standard alpha-hydroxy acid, provides skin renewing microscopic dermabrasion. Unbuffered means undiluted. We were one of the first to safely use glycolic acid in this more effective state in a safe, stable cream. In Re-Everything, glycolic acid’s efficacy is enhanced by new actives and its sting erased by new soothing, reparative ingredients so it can act quicker and more aggressively without discomfort.

4) A rich dose of virgin coconut oil. On aging skin, virgin coconut oil (VCO):

  • Replenishes fatty acids,
  • Helps rebuild stronger cell membranes, and
  • Prevents aging by preventing cellular oxidation and encouraging the formation of anti-inflammatory cell hormones.
  • Our VCO is pure, USDA-certified organic, medical-grade oil.

Re-Everything tackles skin vibrancy and prolonged health from all the important angles:

Cellular rejuvenation: Skin cells are helped to act younger, producing more structural proteins that the skin needs to stay strong, elastic and wrinkle-resistant.

Renewing microdermabrasion: As the skin ages, its natural exfoliation slows down and dead or older cells stay “glued” to the skin. Forcing them to shed away encourages healthy, newer cells to the surface.

Antioxidant repair to protect against damage from the sun and other environmental agents that produces degenerated collagen and a duller epidermis and dermis. Lipid therapy for cellular rebuilding: In addition to more profound, effective moisturization, this replaces skin cells’ fatty acids and minimizes inflammation, one of the most important causes of skin cell damage and aging.

Regular use:

1) Minimizes the appearance of photo-induced damage or loss of health;

2) Rejuvenates, retexturizes and refirms skin;

3) Makes skin notably stronger, softer and smoother;

4) Helps skin become more vibrant in appearance as well as intrinsic, structural, cellular behavior, and

5) Replicates, complements and sustains the glow and other positive effects of clinical peels and procedures but on a daily basis and without the burn.

Looking to upgrade your firmware? Get re-everythinged.

Available at all VMV Skin-Specialist Boutiques and other stores where VMV is sold, and online at vmvhypoallergenics.com.



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