My Sunscreen Secret Keeps My Hair Looking Awesome!

Q: Is it really ok to put sunscreen on/in your hair?

Will it damage hair color or the follicles? I have been putting Armada Sport on my head and hair and noticed the most amazing thing — the sunscreen is acting like a hair gel and/or setting lotion!!!! A VMV hair styling product!!! You should totally add this to the list of features & benefits for this particular sunscreen at least.  Is this too good to be true?  Is it safe to put this on my hair every day or will long term use destroy my hair?

A: It’s not just ok, it’s great for scalp and hair.

Thanks for the feedback and the question! Many of the dermatologists we work with actually suggest applying sunscreen on the scalp and hair!

For thinning scalps, the reason is obvious: your scalp is skin and it’s exposed. Exposed skin needs sun protection.

For hair, while there are not many studies yet on sunscreens and hair, there is evidence that sun exposure oxidizes the hair’s melanin as well as the color in hair dyes, causing the hair in both cases to lighten. Sunscreen is not only safe to apply to your hair but should keep your hair’s color integrity for longer.

We’ve got hair styling products in the works…but now you’ve made us go, um, hello, these should have sunscreen in them, too! 🙂 Thank you for the idea!


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