What Your Skin NEEDS In Your Gym Bag

My Workout Wunderkinds: What’s In Your Gym Bag?

Tons of my friends are living more mindful lives through yoga. The Jiu-Jitsu guys at the club where I go for kickboxing classes get totally in the zone during their matches. Barre, CrossFit, Pilates, there are so many studio classes you can choose from to integrate into your daily work-life routine…each with proven physical and mental benefits. Committing to a more active lifestyle is a challenge as it is. It’s no surprise that your post-workout skincare is the last thing you think about. But don’t let all that hard work undermine your skin’s clarity! If your exercise is making you break out, that’s one more excuse not to work out…which is the last thing any of us needs.

Here are 5 multi-function wonders you should be packing:

1. Essence Superwash + Conditioner — gym amenities may not give you the same anti-allergy, anti-acne care. Getting clean as soon as you’re done with your sets helps prevent sweat and bacteria from clogging pores and wreaking havoc.

2. SuperSkin Care Regimen — just like exercise, it’s consistency that gives you results. Get travel-sized versions of your regular regimen — super handy to throw in your bag’s side pocket.

3. Id Monolaurin Gel — prevent post-workout sweat acne. And bacne. And buttne. This knockout sanitiser is also great for anything that requires hand wraps or gloves where perspiration tends to pool during your session. You should also apply it to any part of your body that comes into contact with shared gym equipment — kettle balls, kicking pads, the studio floor mat, etc. — because nobody has time for staph infections.

Side skinsider tip: if you start itching, check if it’s because you’re sensitive to dyes or rubber in your gym gear!

4. Boo-Boo Balm — for cuts or abrasions. I’ve had one too many a mat burn myself from kickboxing. This ouchless first aid champ has also come to the rescue of long-distance runners who suffer chafing.

5. Armada Sport 50+  — when you’re at the pool or sweating it up outdoors.

KTNaranjo May2017

Karen leads VMV Hypoallergenics’ Global Markets division, traveling extensively and loving VMV’s distributors across the world, including Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Sweden, and Taiwan. Karen finds exhilaration in VMV’s aspirations of amicable global expansion, systems and strategies, the realm of words, English humor, and music festivals. Follow Karen on instagram for travel, health, and overall positivity!


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