Phone, Keys, Wallet…Sunscreen! Don’t Leave Home Without It

There’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month, UV Awareness Month and more. But “skintellectuals” know better, don’t we? Every month is sunscreen month. Shoot, every day is sunscreen day.

We know that sunscreen is the one thing you can’t leave home without (no, not mascara or — although it pains us to say it — a power-red lipstick).

The little light you get while crossing the street and beautiful sunshine speckling through leaves…drink it all in for happiness but stay protected because those rays count. Sun damage is cumulative, so it all counts.

If you’re mostly indoors, watch for UVA which penetrates glass and causes skin cancer, immunosuppression and other diseases. If you don’t care about cancer or disease (because you’re…Thor?) you should know that the number one cause of wrinkles, lines, discolored skin and sagging is sun exposure. Indoor visible light (like from your computer screen) causes dark spots.

What’s more, skincare-sunscreens like Armada have so many benefits — from antioxidants to barrier repair and allergen absence — you’ll want to use them, period. They feel so good and are so great for your skin, you almost forget their formidable protection factors. But formidable they are, against indoor and outdoor UVA, UVB, infrared and visible light. Think of them as skin-enhancing, antioxidant, barrier-repair creams that protect you without you noticing.

Hiking, beaching, training, city-touring…wherever you go, take a tube of sunscreen with you.


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