Multi-Function Skin & Beauty Wonders You NEED In Your Bag Every Day!

What skincare and beauty essentials should live in your bag? There’s no one combo that’s ideal for everyone but we know that it’s the multi-function products that save the day!

Between work and errands, we know bag space is valuable real estate. Check out our suggestions for the most valuable multi-tasking products to keep in your bag if you’re…

…the Every-Ready Betty (the busy career woman, gal about town or no-time mom; you need everything to cover the busiest of days, from gym to work, cocktails…and possibly kids’ parties, too!),

…the Snapchatter (aka, the Teen), and

Shredded Sister (fitness is your life).

What Multi-Tasking Skin & Beauty Musts Should You Keep In Your Bag?

CareerWoman 1

The Every-Ready Betty…

…packs these multi-tasking musts:

Kid Gloves Hand Sanitizer. This multi-function maestro is excellent for…
1. Post-subway, post-bathroom, post-icky, pre-meal, flu-prevention disinfection,
2. Doubles as post-wax bump prevention, and
3. Triples as a surprise zit treatment!

Skin-The-Bluff Concealer.
1. Camouflage spots.
2. Hide stress zits.
3. Obscure eye bags (perfect for pepping up the eye area after a late night out, sleepless night with baby, or staying up working on that report!)

Red Better Flare-Up Balm. This is your…
1. Calm red, stressed-out skin before the big meeting;
2. Anti-itch relief;
3. Sudden rash mollifier.

The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm. The ultimate “Skin Swiss Army Knife”. Trust us, it’s for everything for you and your kids…
1. Excellent for chapped lips — goes beyond moisturizing to healing;
2. Ouchless and quick healing for almost every “owie” you can think of — scrapes, nicks, cuts, minor burns and wounds, blisters, dry cuticles, lip blisters, etc.;
3. Eczema or ultra-dry skin patches — deeply moisturizing, plus healing, plus anti-microbial, plus provides vital barrier therapy and protection;
4. Insides of nostrils — soothe the raw redness that nostrils and nostril-insides get from allergies, sniffles or dry airplane air;
5. Frizz and Fly-Away Hair Tamer — a very little goes a long way;
8. Brow Groomer — helps to keep those arches in shape!

Four beauty must-haves for multiple needs…
1. Sheer Lip Tint — more sophisticated than a tinted lip gloss, perfect as a quick picker-upper for errands or school events;
2. Skin Bloom Blush — wakes up a tired face instantly;
3. Ooh-LaLash! Mascara plus…
4. A vivid red Velvet Matte Lipstick — quick work-to-glam transition.


What’s In Your Bag? The Teen…

I’m in my teens. What’s in my bag?
Easy, simple and immune to grief in the hallways.

1. Red Better Spot Corrector — acne discipline
2. Skin-The-Bluff Concealer — pimple camouflage
3. Skintangible BBBB Cream — SPF 30 moisturizer + subtle complexion fine tuner
4. So Clear Pressed Powder — lots of teens deal with oiliness
5. Sheer Lip Tint — so subtle it’s practically a tinted lip gloss
6. Ooh-La-Lash! Mascara


What’s In Your Bag? Outdoorsy/The Athlete….

I’m all about sport. What’s in my bag?
Don’t let all that hard work undermine your skin!

1. Essence Superwash + Conditioner — gym supplies may not give you the same anti-allergy, anti-acne care
2. SuperSkin Care Regimen — just like exercise, it’s consistency that gives you results
3. Id Monolaurin Gel — prevent post-workout sweat acne
4. Boo-Boo Balm — for cuts or abrasions
5. Armada Sport 70 — when you’re sweating it up outdoors.



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