Like A Dental Cleaning For Your Face…The Facial

Safe Pore Purging

Like a deeper dental cleaning…but far, far more pleasant.

If your daily skincare regimen is like brushing your teeth (ok, with those awesome actives, it’s more than just basic hygiene)…a facial is like the deeper cleaning you get at the dentist’s.

A clinically-sound facial gives your skin the deeper cleaning that it needs, purging pores of cloggers that even scrubbing cleansers can’t get to. Besides helping to clear acne, this helps your active treatments penetrate deeper into the skin for better efficacy.

Why clinically-sound? Our facials were based on dermatology acne surgery to ensure the proper tools (no finger popping, for example), plus a procedure that safeguards sterility, hypoallergenicity and anti-inflammatory repair to prevent redness or swelling. We then added our signature spa touches so that this once-painful, purely-utilitarian clinical procedure is now so relaxing, most of our clients find themselves napping in the middle!

Which brings us to another bonus: our facials are so good at helping you zone out, they double as mega stress-relieving sessions of pure, unadulterated, bliss, relaxation, and mindfulness. And we all know the tremendous good that does your skin, brain, and overall health!

Nothing replaces the benefits of your daily, at-home regimen. But to bump it up a notch (and get a power relaxation hour), schedule a facial once a month.



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