Great Makeup Starts With Great Skin

Any good make-up artist will tell you: looking great starts with great skin.

Unhealthy skin is more difficult to work with:

– Acne: expert concealer users can camouflage redness. The physical texture of bumps can be lessened but not hidden completely.

– Rough or flaking skin can be smoothed over with moisturizer and foundation, but it’s not an ideal canvas.

The converse is true, too: gorgeous skin looks good in any light, from any angle, and even when bare. It makes great makeup truly shine.

Then there’s the fact that makeup that clogs pores or causes irritations (including skin dryness or dark spots) can mean a vicious cycle for your skin, particularly if you like (or need) to wear makeup regularly.

Try these simple steps to get your skin and makeup working together…

1. Starting with a skincare regimen that targets your particular concerns.

2. Add some key target products like our popular Re-Everything Eye Serum, Armada Sun + Light Screen and Red Better Spot Corrector.

TIP: Add The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm, our cult skincare and makeup multi-tasker, for everything from minor scratches and eczema or flaky patches, to a healing lip balm and fly-away hair/brow tamer!

3. Consider a peel or facial once a month for a deeper clean, more intensive moisturizing, or microscopic exfoliation, which helps it look more vibrant, naturally.

4. Choose skin-safe makeup like Skintelligent Beauty that doesn’t only prevent problems but has real skincare benefits built in!


Great skin as a basis for great makeup is a lot like working out: while you pick clothes that flatter your figure, you go to the gym to keep yourself fit…which, in turn, gives you more options in fashion to work with!



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