Bright Eyes! Check Out This Playful, Modern Look!

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By Jess Arnaudin This icy ultramodern look is playful while still being professional. Barely-there nude or clear lipstick balances out the aquamarine blue lids. And the great thing about this set is that the eyeshadow comes in a duo (and you can re-create this same look using the gold powder for equally beautiful results!) To get […]

Do I Need a Moisturizer If I Have Oily Skin?

VitaminE AllergenNotAnAllergen 9Apr2017 20170404

YES! Think of healthy moisture as vitamins for your skin: essential to its health and something your skin may not produce enough of on its own. Oily skin, like all skin, needs healthy hydration. Even oily skin can experience water loss, barrier damage, and get dry and uncomfortable… …in cold, dry weather; …when over-treated with […]

Ultra-Simple Makeup Looks For Any Party!

YciarCastillo Holiday2018 InSKIN 20181126

Makeup trends turn with the seasons. But here are 3 looks perfect for any festive occasion that work every holiday season. They’re also incredibly easy to achieve, giving us less time in front of the mirror and more time celebrating with family and friends! 1. Red Wine Glow The “no makeup” look is always popular, especially […]

Eat Right, Exercise, Daily Skincare Regimen: Healthy Habits To Look & Feel Your Best

SSkinCareComb Armada30 NonDrugSuperskin 20171120

Commit to a Daily Skin Regimen Eating right & working out, there’s no other way to get the body you want…which already helps your skin look healthier and more vibrant. But for targeting problem areas and upping that glow, a daily skin care regimen is your best bet. A daily regimen is simply the best thing for your skin. […]

Why Is Coconut Oil So Great at Removing Makeup?

ColdVCOCoffeeCup LVBInstagram 20190322

We already know that virgin coconut oil — specifically pure, organic (not RBD, or Refined, Bleached, Deodorized) VCO — is a godsend for very sensitive or reacting skin. But why is it so good at removing makeup? First, Less Removes More: You need less of it to remove a lot of makeup…even heavy performance makeup intended to […]

Costa Rica, Landscape Photography, the Soul…and Sunscreen!

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Laura Muller Steinvorth from DermatALLogy is a skincare distributor based in Costa Rica — distributor for VMV Hypoallergenics, in fact! As someone who thrives outdoors, Laura is adamant about sharing the important of proper skin protection to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Her passion for landscape photography and painting runs deep, and we love how she uses light to emphasize the earth’s wonders. […]

A VMV Mother’s Day Tribute: #MomSavedMySkin

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Mothers are heroes and they’ve saved us in more ways than you can count. We asked VMV Hypoallergenics moms and daughters how their moms saved their skins. These are some of their “skinsights”! Marie-Julie Ona What beauty and skincare tip has your mom given you? Don’t forget to moisturize your neck, décolleté and hands as well! […]

I Need a Moisturizer But Have Acne!

IdLotion nondrug StripedBag LVB RGB 20190219

Throw me a line…I need a moisturizer but have “bumpy” issues! You’re in luck! Because moisturizers spread easily and sit on the skin for a long time, and tend to be absorbed well, they’re a great way to hit two birds with one stone: moisturization plus active therapy! How to choose? These 3 rules won’t let you down: […]

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