Don’t Touch Your Face

Paws Off That Fab Face. You use your hands to touch everything…your phone, keyboard, handrails, others people’s hands, desktops and kitchen counters…everything. Transferring all those microbes to your face increases your risk

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Tip of the Week

My Happiness Inventory of 5

Happiness. Peace. Joy. Whatever name fits best, I have a checklist for it. How I came to it in a nutshell: I got tired of studying “issues.” I’d talked mine

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Tip of the Week

Ultra-Simple Makeup Looks For Any Party!

Makeup trends turn with the seasons. But here are 3 looks perfect for any festive occasion that work every holiday season. They’re also incredibly easy to achieve, giving us less time

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VMV Moisturizer Tip – Byrdie

Our very own founder shares skincare tips No. 9 and No. 11 in “25 Skincare Tips Dermatologists Know (That You Don’t)” #skinthusiasm #SavingTheWorldsSkin — “Moisturizers help our skin barrier by

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Summer Skin Tips: Sunscreen & Bumps

Many acne-prone people who live in very hot, humid, tropical climates wish they could skip the sunscreen to prevent major breakouts. It’s not an option, however: choose the right sunscreen

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Get Fresh Tresses For Spring!

Warmer weather means finally freeing hair from the confines of wraps and caps and earmuffs! Not ready for a huge transformation but don’t want to welcome spring by just flinging your woolly beanie into the back

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How To “Dew” Dry Skin Right

Dry skin — anything from generally being acne-free to visible peeling or hypersensitivity — can be something you’re born with or develop over time. Like our muscles or heart, our skins change over time,

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