Skincare Is Healthcare, Not Vanity (But Yeah, That’s A Pretty Great Side Perk)

Arguably the worst thing you can do to your skin is treat it like a fashion accessory…

…something that you only care about when you want to look good.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and deserves to be cared for properly.

  • Your skin is crucial to your overall health: it protects you from infection, for example, and regulates your body temperature;
  • It can show signs of internal problems before more intrusive or expensive tests (like a blood exam or MRI);
  • It’s one of the most important ways we communicate with each other and the world; and,
  • Its health can impact how you feel about yourself (visible skin problems can lead to poor self esteem, bullying, and depression, for example).

To learn more about how important skin is, check out Skin: Far More Vital to Your Overall Health Than You May Think.

Stop treating skincare as a fun thing to experiment with. Learn the basics: keep your skin clean, help it stay hydrated, and protect it daily with sunscreen.

Get started with a regimen here, and follow our 30-Day Healthy Skin Challenge:

  1. Your Skin Needs Sleep
  2. Your Skin Needs You To Stop Stressing
  3. Get The Right Diagnosis
  4. Your Hair Care Can Help (Or Hurt!) Your Skin
  5. A Skincare Regimen Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All
  6. Treat Your Makeup Like Skincare
  7. Fix Your Skin With…Laundry Soap?
  8. Get A Patch Test Or Photo-Patch Test
  9. Choose Hypoallergenic Over Natural
  10. Keep Your Sunscreen Next To Your Toothpaste
  11. Less Is More In Skincare, Too!
  12. Junk Food Is Junk For Your Skin
  13. Your Skin Wants You To EAT Your Antioxidants
  14. Your Skin Wants You To Exercise Daily
  15. How To Choose The Right Toner
  16. Your Sweat Acne Could Be A Fungal Condition
  17. Like A Dental Cleaning For Your Face…The Facial
  18. Clear Your Acne, Rashes, Darkening & Dryness With…Toothpaste?
  19. Your Vitamins Or Meds Could Be Causing Your Skin Problems
  20. Wash Your Face Before Going To Bed
  21. Drink Lots Of Water
  22. Your Makeup Brushes Could Be Causing Your Acne or Sensitive Skin…Clean (& Choose!) Them CarefullyHow To Cleanse Your Skin? Think Goldilocks…Not Too Little, Not Too Much
  23. How To Choose The Right Moisturizer
  24. What Was Meant To Help You May Hurt You — Ease Up On The Topical Steroids
  25. Stubborn Skin Problems? You May Need An Investigative Dermatologist
  26. Don’t Touch Your Face
  27. Don’t Dismiss Dry Skin…It Could Be A Sign Of Another Problem
  28. Active Skin Treatments Are A Marathon, Not A Sprint
  29. Skincare Is Healthcare, Not Vanity



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