Put Angry Skin On “N-ice”

As Magical As Elsa

…without the angst

Rashes, redness, flare-ups…we need a powerful hero to put inflamed skin on ice. Red Better Flare-Up Balm has zero allergens, irritants, or long-term health risks, making it far less dangerous than steroids (and our favorite snow queen’s famous temper).

On chronic redness and hyperreactive conditions, powerful antimicrobials protect against Demodex folluculorum mites and other rosacea triggers. Mixed with anti-cathelicidins, anti-inflammatories and antioxidants in a deeply hydrating base, this palliative balm puts out the fire of redness and inflammation sans steroids. Use with the entire Red Better line for to prevent flare-ups to begin with.

Zero anger, all calm, all year round. Let it glow.

InSKIN FlareUpBalm Raspberries RosaceaFlareup 20160401

1. Redness Control

Rosacea acting up from the heat or other triggers? Calm your skin down with this super soothing anti-inflammatory.’

InSKIN FlareUpBalm AppleCaterpillar InsectBite 20160401

2. De-Itcher

Dab it onto insect bites as soon as you notice them for best results. If you get to them early enough, you can stop the inflammation and itching early, preventing infection and scarring, too.

InSKIN FlareUpBalm FruitInIce Steroid 20160401

3. Steroid-Free Flare-Up Calmer-Downer

Steroids are awesome for the quick clearing of severe flare-ups, but they’re not meant for long-term use. If you’re practicing proper prevention (avoiding your allergens based on a patch test) you really should not be needing a steroid more than 1-2 times times a year. For other reactions? Try this steroid-free calmer.

InSKIN FlareUpBalm CharredRedPepper Sunburn 20160401

4. Sunburn Salve

We hope you never need it — you should be staying out of the sun and slathering on sunscreen — but in case of a sunburn emergency, Red Better Flare-Up Balm calms redness and pain, and reduces peeling (but if you’re blistering see a doctor).

InSKIN FlareUpBalm FrostApple Flaking 20160401

5. De-Flaker

Speaking of peeling: it’s great for smoothing away seborrheic “flake-ups,” too!


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