Put A Ring On Your Sunscreen

Don’t make sunscreen a summer fling. Make it a permanent thing…a good sunscreen is the best partner your skin will ever have!

But I Don’t NEED Sunscreen…

            …with enough “exposure,” everyone can get burned, it’s just a matter of time:


  • People with fairer skin, light eyes, and blond or red hair typically sunburn easily and tan poorly. Those with highly photosensitive skin can burn in as little as 15 to 20 minutes.
  • People with light brown skin burn minimally and tan easily. Fair-skinned people with brown hair will burn in closer to an hour.
  • Those with medium brown skin rarely burn and tan darkly and easily. Burning may take hours.
  • People with the darkest skin color do not show a perceptible burn (which would take several hours) and always tan maximally.

And the more exposure, the higher the risk.

Regardless of your skin type and coloring, your risk of getting a sunburn is significantly increased when…

– You are in tropical regions…

– You are at a high altitude — every 300m increases UV radiation by 4%…

– Exposed to the sun between 10am and 2pm — 65% of UV radiation reaches the earth between these times…

– There are clear skies, snow, water and ice — they reflect sunlight…

– Taking certain drugs or applying skin care products that can make you more photosensitive (more prone to burning or hyperpigmenting with sun and light exposure)…

– Exposed to sun or light after some interventional skin care treatments (think microdermabrasion or peels).

Stop the guesswork and skin-ache…

            …wear sunscreen daily, all year round, and whether indoors or outdoors.

Why Daily?

Because sun damage is cumulative…meaning it adds up. Even the little sun you get while crossing the street for a cup of coffee counts. This incidental sun exposure, over time, could add up to skin damage or skin cancer.

Why All Year Round?

UV rays get to you on cloudy days.Feeling the heat is no indication of how much UV light you’re getting. In fact, snow can double your exposure.

Why INDOORS and outdoors?

Outdoors, for obvious reasons. But did you know that highly damaging UVA penetrates window and windshield glass? Also, light exposure to halogens, fluorescents and even computer screens is proven to cause dark splotches!

No sickness, all health.

Kids Kite Sun Skincredible 20150707

Summer flings may be short-lived but sunscreen is a year-round love affair.

Sun damage is cumulative. One bad sunburn in childhood or adolescence almost doubles your chances of developing skin cancer later. Even the little that you get crossing the street counts. There’s sun in winter, spring and fall, too. You get UVA on cloudy days and UVA penetrates windows and windshields. Indoor lights like halogens, fluorescents and even computer screens can cause hyperpigmentation. You’re surrounded by risk…why not settle down with a partner you know you can rely on?

Your sunscreen is a phenomenal choice: reliable, lessens your worry, cares for you, keeps you safe and helps you look good. Definitely the one to grow old with (even as it helps you look younger than you are!)

Your romance with sunscreen may be at its most intense in the summer but it’s a relationship to nurture every day for the rest of your life. It’ll be one of the most rewarding for all aspects of your health.



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