Try This DIY Dry Hair Pomade (It’s Hypoallergenic, Too!)

by Oteka Lyons

DIY Fabulous (Hypoallergenic) Pomade

I sometimes (like when the weather gets cooler) experience dry, lack luster hair. Suzanne on our team gave me an idea about using Boo-Boo Balm to help with dry and brittle hair. I love it!

It’s easy to do, and safe for skin and hair!

What You’ll Need:

The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm

Essence Skin-Saving Milk Conditioner

How To “Dew” It:

Step 1. Place a pea-sized amount of Boo-Boo Balm on the palm of your hand.

DIYPomade Oteka1 InSKIN 20181113

Step 2. Add one pump of Essence Skin-Saving Conditioner next to the Boo Boo Balm.

DIYPomade Oteka2 InSKIN 20181113

Step 3. Rub your palms together until the mixture turns clear.

DIYPomade Oteka3 InSKIN 20181113

Step 4. Using the palms of your hands, massage the product onto your hair, working outwards from roots to ends.

DIYPomade Oteka4 InSKIN 20181113

Step 5. Style as usual. Your hair will glisten and shine, and feel soft and hydrated throughout the day.

DIYPomade Oteka5 InSKIN 20181113 DIYPomade Oteka6 InSKIN 20181113 DIYPomade Oteka7 InSKIN 20181113

DIYPomade Oteka8 InSKIN 20181113 DIYPomade Oteka9 InSKIN 20181113

“Skinsider” Tip:

The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm is multi-function. Get the larger 20g jar for use at home, but consider getting the smaller 8g tube to keep in your bag for hair touchups throughout the day, but also as a lip balm and for surprise problems like a paper cut or blister!

OtekaLyons IGheadshot 20181120

Oteka is part of our “Mott-ley Crew” of dew at VMV Hypoallergenics in NYC. As Retail Operations Specialist, she makes sure every client’s visit is a trip to “skinvana.” She is passionate about all things beauty and helping others. She has 1 child, Jason, and thinks the best thing in the world is Love & Happiness. Follow her on Instagram or visit us in NYC for more tips direct from Oteka!



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