A Skincare Regimen Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

skinchallenge day5

You spend time choosing your food and clothing, why not your skincare? Like working out, it helps to know what your goals are, what you like/don’t like, and what may work best for you. Basic skincare is fairly, well, basic: Cleanser, Toner (not if your skin is already dry), Moisturizer, Sunscreen. But even a basic regimen improves significantly when you […]

“It is you and only you that creates your own happiness.”: Tao Philippines

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By Alex Goldyn “We do not guarantee that you will have a nice, relaxing time. In fact, we do not guarantee anything.” Those certainly are not the words that you want to hear or read before a vacation trip, right? Wrong! This exact attitude of Tao Philippines towards their customers’ experience is what will make for some […]

Wondering If You Need A Makeup Remover? You Do.

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Because what goes on, must come off, and makeup removers do that faster and more completely than just cleansing.  Why is this even important? 1) Makeup Isn’t Sleepwear Some makeup (like Skintelligent Beauty) may be safer and more skin-loving than others that contain allergens and comedogens, but all makeup has to come off at the end of the day. Sleep is when […]

This Dad Uses Health & Fitness To Bond With Family

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By Miguel Feuermann Sports run in our family.  Although many comment from the sidelines and think we are absolutely crazy because of what we do, we think ours is a super healthy dose of life! With the kind of sports we do — gymnastics, swimming, triathlon, cycling, running, football and more — you can imagine what our home looks like. […]

A Fresh Start With Spring In Japan!

Sakura Trial

Sakura, or the cherry blossom, is Japan’s national flower. Celebrated by Japanese people of all ages, sakura are found in everything from textile patterns to a curious dessert flavor. Sakura blooms in March or April, and is even part of the daily weather forecast as the reporter announces where the “Cherry Blossom Front” has started. The […]

Reuse Your Skincare or Makeup Box As A Gift Box!

 There’s another reason to love our glue-free packaging: they double as really nice gift boxes…and other simple storage hacks! After opening up your skincare or makeup, don’t throw out the box…because these pretty packages aren’t just about protecting your products. They can be re-used! Lay the box flat then bend it at each fold…the same folds, just the other way […]

Get A Patch Test Or Photo-Patch Test

skinchallenge day8

This is one test that can change your life. If you’ve had skin problems for years, a patch test is one of the most powerful tools to help you finally achieve clarity. This painless procedure shows you exactly which ingredients or materials you, in particular, are sensitive or allergic to. A photo-patch test is similar but shows […]

Foundation Brush – Bustle.com


Thank you, Bustle.com, for including our patch-tested, animal-kind, sublimely soft foundation brush in “How To Choose Your Foundation Brush Based On The Finish You’re Seeking“! Flawless makeup application that’s paparazzi-ready 🙂 Check out Bustle.com for more makeup tips! #skinthusiasm #press #lipstick #SavingTheWorldsSkin #putasmileonyourskin #sensitiveskin #hypoallergenic #SkintelligentBeauty #matte #makeup

Armada Moisturizing Protective Lip Balm – NYDailyNews.com


Your lips need protection, too! Check out our Armada Moisturizing Protective Lip Balm in NYDailyNews.com‘s “Viva Beauty: Summer is the mean season for beauty upkeep.“! Get more tips on how to keep your skin safe from the sun at NY Daily News! #skinthusiasm #press #Armada #SavingTheWorldsSkin #putasmileonyourskin #sensitiveskin #hypoallergenic #skincare #sun #skincare #UVA #UVB

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