A Fresh Start With Spring In Japan!

Sakura, or the cherry blossom, is Japan’s national flower. Celebrated by Japanese people of all ages, sakura are found in everything from textile patterns to a curious dessert flavor. Sakura blooms in March or April, and is even part of the daily weather forecast as the reporter announces where the “Cherry Blossom Front” has started. The Japanese business and school year starts in the spring, so Sakura also represents “graduation, “commencement,” “blessing,” and “joyous.” 

FreshStart SakuraSpringInJapan

This joyous abundance signals that it’s time for a fresh start, a spring cleaning of the things that do not, as Marie Kondo would call it, “spark joy.” Take your skin care routine. Your skin, like the rest of our bodies, evolves over time. Take the cue from the blossoms — perhaps it’s time to transition back to the essentials. Re-evaluate what your skin needs (maybe even ask your doctor for a patch test if you’ve had a nagging skin issue for years), what your skin goals are, and redesign your targeted skincare regimen. 

Start with a Skin “Detox” to help your skin get back to its most non-irritated state. Then, choose from among our most popular regimens, or ask us to help customize a regimen for you! Give us a call at (212) 217 2762 or drop us a private message on Facebook, Ask VMV, or if you’re in Japan, shop at vmvhypoallergenics.jp.

Essence ClarkwashShampooConditioner

Switch to a super gentle, skin saving shampoo/conditioner combo that doesn’t only give a thorough all over cleaning, but also helps prevent acne, irritations, rashes and dryness on the face, scalp, and body.


SuperSkinCare SpringInJapan

Choose an “all-skinclusive” daily regimen – one that tackles multiple concerns like acne, aging, AND brightening – that’s customised for your skin type. Dry, combination, and oily skin have options in our SuperSkin Care products that’s even safe for “tweens” as young as 9 years old.


Screen Shot 2016 07 26 at 9.46.25 AM

Have at all times The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm. This ultimate “Skin Swiss Army Knife” that’s everything for you and your kids. It’s excellent for chapped lips from the change in weather. This also ouchlessly heals scrapes/nicks/cuts/minor burns and moisturises eczema or ultra-dry skin patches. Boo Boo Balm even helps soothe the insides of nostrils when they get raw, red, or painful from allergies, sniffles, or just very dry air.

VMVJapan SpringInJapan
When in Japan, you can shop these favorites from vmvhypoallergenics.jp or from our freshest location in Ethico Ethica Cosme Storys! For our other locations all over the world, click here.

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