Allergic Family Bathes Pets in Hypoallergenic Washes!

Anna is highly allergic (she’s one of the last-stop testers for our products before we launch anything), and so are her kids. To reduce the risk of flare-ups, she makes sure that their home is as hypoallergenic as can be. This means allergy-prevention is a top priority in everything from personal care products to laundry soap, bedsheets and towels…and even pets!

Anna writes: “Our cat Ming Ming bathes in diluted Superwash. We rescued her from the street and needed to clean her up immediately. Since we’re a VMV family, my toddler said that the newest member of the family also deserved to use VMV! Ming Ming’s hair was so soft and clean after her bath we couldn’t believe it. And since we are allergic to fragrance (endless sneezing!), VMV washes are perfect! The cat can sleep with the kids every night and I don’t need to worry about allergies for any of them!”

The photo above was taken after one such snuggly night:

“She is 3 months old. After playing with her for a few minutes, I got up to gather my things for work. Then she gave me this ‘Please don’t go’ look… Awwww :-)”

We’d have a hard time leaving this cuteness, too!

Do you treat your furrier family members to hypoallergenic care? Share some tips in the comments below!

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To shop our selection of validated hypoallergenic products, visit vmvhypoallergenics.com. Need help? Leave a comment below, contact us by email, or drop us a private message on Facebook.

If you have a history of sensitive skin, don’t guess: random trial and error can cause more damage. Ask your dermatologist about a patch test.

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On the prevalence of skin allergies, see Skin Allergies Are More Common Than Ever and One In Four Is Allergic to Common Skin Care And Cosmetic Ingredients.

To learn more about the VH-Rating System and hypoallergenicity, click here.


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