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Dear Skinthusiasts!

It’s been a while since I’ve written and that’s partly because of some good news: we’ve been able to ramp up production of many of our most essential products and this has kept us incredibly (happily!) busy. The fundamental daily necessities that most of our clients need-need — especially those with contact dermatitis, contact allergies, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and similar conditions — have been more stable. Not perfect, but far better than they’ve been in three years.

What now?

It’s hard to imagine that the pandemic is still a “thing” but, while the lockdowns might be over, its aftereffects linger. Retail is intermittently bouncing back but shipping costs still fluctuate wildly (sometimes as high as three times the norm). The supply chain remains unpredictable. Some of our raw materials that took thirty days to be delivered have taken ninety; some packaging has taken months to find, and prices of our suppliers have jumped 20-40%. To try to continue to manage expectations, I can say that we are recovering (and well!) but are rickety. In such a state, similar to when one is recovering from a big injury, every little thing that might be a little ripple when you’re completely healthy feels like a monster wave. This is where we are now. All our efforts remain focused on two priorities: ensuring our people feel safe and are cared for, and making stocks of our essentials as consistently available as possible. Anything else must still take a back seat. 

If you’ve been with us a while, you’ll have noticed that we finally had to respond to the financial pressures we’ve faced by raising prices. In trying to do our part during the pandemic, we took the decision to keep our prices where they were even as our suppliers and logistics partners increased theirs and even as other brands in all industries were announcing price hikes. We knew everyone was hurting and stuck it out as long as we could. We managed to hold prices for three years — unheard of even in pre-pandemic times when prices normally increased with inflation. I’m proud that we did this. It was brutal but I think it was truer to who we are and why we’re here. We are in this together after all.

This isn’t to say that stock inconsistencies or price adjustments are over. As anyone who lives in our shared world knows, things are, to say the least, volatile. I believe that our firm focus on the two priorities (our team and the products most needed by our clients) helps us drown out some of the noise to be more effective, to stay true to ourselves and our calling to blanket the world in kindness, and to make real our why of saving the world’s skin.

Some things to know as we end 2023:

  1. As I write this, we are identifying which other products we can bring back in 2024.
  2. We will be returning our VMVIP program (and possibly our subscriptions feature), and
  3. We are hoping to launch a donation program to help patients with psoriasis, cancer, and other conditions that require our products get some of them free from accredited clinics.
  4. A lot of the above is related to some other cool news: VMV turns 45 next year … AND my mother, VMV’s founding dermatologist-dermatopathologist, turns 85! It’ll be a simple year of celebrations as we’re all feeling, powerfully, the pull of our roots: who we are at our core and what we have been able to “dew” this almost half century for those that need us the most.

Details will follow as these “skinitiatives” launch. Pleeeeeze make sure you’re signed up to receive our e-newsletters and follow us on social media so you don’t miss important announcements as they come! And certainly we’re here for you should you have questions or need help!

We end this year with our typical, but no less profound, gratitude. For you, for your patience with us, for your ideas (I am thrilled about my new skinthusiast pals on Instagram! :), for your kind words, and for continuing to join us on this wild journey of the safest, most proven effective care on the planet. It’s an audacious, if kindhearted, goal and we wouldn’t even attempt it if it weren’t for you. In other words, as you have probably heard us say over and over: you are the reason we get up every morning to do what we “dew!”

Happy Holidays and have a healthy, safe, calm, flowy, rewarding new year!


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Laura is our “dew”-good CEO at VMV Hypoallergenics and eldest daughter of VMV’s founding dermatologist-dermatopathologist. She has two children, Madison and Gavin, and works at VMV with her sister CC and husband Juan Pablo (Madison and Gavin frequently volunteer their “usage testing” services). In addition to saving the world’s skin, Laura is passionate about health, inclusion, cultural theory, human rights, happiness, and spreading goodness (like a VMV cream!)



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